Saturday, November 20, 2010

Worries Beyond The Hollar

This here is my love, The man I care and love so much..But about 6 months into his deployment he changed he said. And it worries me more than anything...He makes me so happy and I havnt been this happy in so long. I want to ask him about it all but at the same time I afraid of the response I will get. He will be home for my birthday and I dont want a heartache on my 24th bday. I dont want to lose the one thing that means so much to me. He is still flying into Indiana then we are going to see his family. I hope and pray that this change did not change his feelings for me. I dont know who else to talk to about this so Im blogging. Im afraid he dont love me any more and that it will all end on rr. I cant handle that right now. I have been by his side this whole time, never cheated and never thought about it. I dont complain when he dont call me, I know he is busy and tired as hell over there. I understand all those things, might of took me a few months but Im ok with it now. I dont ask much from him while he is deployed. I pray all the time things are ok. I know I prob worry to much but its hard not to...

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