Monday, November 15, 2010

Failure Body Parts

So they think I might have gal stones, Im annoyed as hell right now. I cant eat anything fatty or that has dairy in it. I  just want my red meats. So tomorrow when I go and get this ultrasound, there better be nothing wrong with my galbladder. I mean if your gal was all sorts of messed up and had stones in it, Wouldnt ya think that it would hurt all the time and be tender to the touch? Mine only hurts when I breath in deep or hiccup. And it has also affected my job, so not cool. I was so excited about getting back to work, Im going crazy here not working...

I am worried that my love will be upset about it, but his sister said he wont. Who knows. This war has already changed him....RR hurry up. Wish me luck tomorrow 

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