Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pricks & Probes

So here latley my health has been all whoa. First 2 years ago finding out I have type 2 diabetes. Now I have a UTI. I went and had a ultrasound done today to check out my insides. She said everything looked ok but I think she might be lying to me. So I have 2 days before I find out anything on that fun time.

When I went to the hospital Sunday, they poked me twice, my poor finger has a bruise on it and the fold of my arm has one also from them checking my blood. Now I have a doctor appt on Friday for my diabetes. YaY more pokings. Im gonna end up looking like a junkie at the first of the month. I sure hope my A1C have went down. If so maybe lower meds. 

Now I am off to the pharmacy once more to get more meds. So wish me luck with all this crap lol

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