Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching up on times

So I know I havnt really blogged here latley, Just been kinda busy really, I dont have gall stones, so no surgery THANK GOD. lol My thanksgiving went great and I cant wait till next year to share it with my love :) I learned how to crochet also on turkey day. I am in the process of making a blanket.

I cant wait till it is done, Im only on my 4th line but deff getting there. Adam finally got his RR dates and they are very soon. Im pretty stoked, I am hoping that the army dont decided to change them again, If they dont, he will get to be home for my birthday. I have also been thinking of doing some photography on the side. Its such a huge passion....But till next time Im off here to work on that blanket :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Worries Beyond The Hollar

This here is my love, The man I care and love so much..But about 6 months into his deployment he changed he said. And it worries me more than anything...He makes me so happy and I havnt been this happy in so long. I want to ask him about it all but at the same time I afraid of the response I will get. He will be home for my birthday and I dont want a heartache on my 24th bday. I dont want to lose the one thing that means so much to me. He is still flying into Indiana then we are going to see his family. I hope and pray that this change did not change his feelings for me. I dont know who else to talk to about this so Im blogging. Im afraid he dont love me any more and that it will all end on rr. I cant handle that right now. I have been by his side this whole time, never cheated and never thought about it. I dont complain when he dont call me, I know he is busy and tired as hell over there. I understand all those things, might of took me a few months but Im ok with it now. I dont ask much from him while he is deployed. I pray all the time things are ok. I know I prob worry to much but its hard not to...

Friday, November 19, 2010

The body is working so far so good

Well I went to the doctor and they said my gallblader looks good, no stones. Im pretty happy about that. Now I just need to wait for my blood results to come in for my A1C. They also wanted me to pee in a cup today, but I just couldnt do it. So who knows what is next. My meds are kinda making me feel like ass today. So I might lay down with my dukers and take a nap. He has been real cuddly here latley. I am also kinda trying a new diet. Its been 5 days since I had a pop and Im kinda going a little crazy. I also have to increase my intake of water. I hate the taste of water. But till I feel like blogging again Im gonna lay down and pray I get a call soon. RR is right around the corner.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Jealousy And Wishes

I see these girls talking about missing their men while their at work for 8 hours or just getting to see them for a couple hours. My jealousy comes out and I get annoyed. Oh how I would kill for him just working 8 hours or being home for a couple. The things I would to just to be able to touch him again, be able to hug him. Its been a long rough several months. And at the same time, I think some of these other girls are not seeing how lucky they are to have their men home with them. Yes I know I chose to be with him, But my heart chose to fall for him.

But that is enough for my rant, I just had to get that little bit off my cheast. Im missing my love a lot right now.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pricks & Probes

So here latley my health has been all whoa. First 2 years ago finding out I have type 2 diabetes. Now I have a UTI. I went and had a ultrasound done today to check out my insides. She said everything looked ok but I think she might be lying to me. So I have 2 days before I find out anything on that fun time.

When I went to the hospital Sunday, they poked me twice, my poor finger has a bruise on it and the fold of my arm has one also from them checking my blood. Now I have a doctor appt on Friday for my diabetes. YaY more pokings. Im gonna end up looking like a junkie at the first of the month. I sure hope my A1C have went down. If so maybe lower meds. 

Now I am off to the pharmacy once more to get more meds. So wish me luck with all this crap lol

Monday, November 15, 2010

Failure Body Parts

So they think I might have gal stones, Im annoyed as hell right now. I cant eat anything fatty or that has dairy in it. I  just want my red meats. So tomorrow when I go and get this ultrasound, there better be nothing wrong with my galbladder. I mean if your gal was all sorts of messed up and had stones in it, Wouldnt ya think that it would hurt all the time and be tender to the touch? Mine only hurts when I breath in deep or hiccup. And it has also affected my job, so not cool. I was so excited about getting back to work, Im going crazy here not working...

I am worried that my love will be upset about it, but his sister said he wont. Who knows. This war has already changed him....RR hurry up. Wish me luck tomorrow 

Living a love song :)

Well I just started this new blog. I thought I would share a little about me on my first blog. So here I go.

My name is Kendra, Im 23 years old. I have no kids, I have type 2 diabetes, I have had it for 2 years now. I take up to 1,500mgs of metformin each day. This is something I dont wish on anyone. I grew up in a small town in Indiana, called Jasonville. Our biggest thing is subway haha. I love to travel, and that is one of the many reasons I met the man I am with today. Adam, I couldnt ask for anyone better, he treats me with all the respect. 

I have a short attention span lol So yes it has taken me 30 mins just to write this small paragraph. I am currently liviing with my family till he is home from his deployment. We are stationed at Ft Campbell, Ky. I like it there. I have 4 brothers so I can be a little rough lol.

I grew up in the country and so love my country music. Im so addicted to youtube also. I miss the old days more and more each day. But I wouldnt give up my days with Adam. Oh and you will learn I am super random haha. So for now this is it. You will learn more about me as I post more and more.

Love always,